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1 inch velvet ribbon for gift

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This high quality 1 inch velvet ribbon is extremely versatile, providing a luxurious finishing touch to; Gift wrapping, Window displays, Craftwork, Dressmaking, Needlework, Wedding invitations, Décor, Bows, Children’s soft toys, Hair & fashion accessories, Cake making, Flower arranging, Soft furnishing, Diaries, and Wedding displays.

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The new revised curriculum standard of high school increased the ancient poetry recitation of the title, from the past 14 to 72. Some argue that this adds a great burden to the students. In fact, before the overview of Chinese language education experience, recitation can not be regarded as a burden, but rather an aesthetic enjoyment. It can even be regarded as a shortcut for learning.
The 58 part of the increase in the number is more, but compared with the traditional Chinese education China requirements, requirements recite is still small. In the traditional Chinese education, students need to recite hundreds of thousands of words. Tang and Song Dynasties, to participate in the imperial examination, candidates must be "the Analects of Confucius" Mencius "" Zuo Zhuan "more than 40 words to memorize all reading books. Some people recite more, such as Gu Yanwu, Dai Zhen can even recite the classics, "note" can be memorized. Some scholars in the period of the Republic of China accepted traditional education, and also had excellent recitation Kung Fu. Ancient Chinese Literature Search master Jiang Liangfu once said, he in Tsinghua University, an Liang Qichao, Wang Guowei impromptu performances are reciting ancient literary works, Liang Qichao recited a "Peach Blossom Fan", Wang Guowei recited "Xijing Fu".
The traditional education has been explored for thousands of years in recitation and has accumulated rich experience, mainly in the following points:
Many senses participate in recitation. In traditional Chinese teaching, reading aloud itself is a multi sensory activity. We need to use eye, mouth, ears, brain and even head and body movements at the same time, which helps improve the efficiency of recitation. As Russian educator Ushinski pointed out: "participate in some kind of impression or more, so a group of sensory impression, the impression will be more firmly rooted in our mechanical and neural memory, but also will be more truly saved in the memory, after the recall would be easier."
Play the role of auditory memory. To recite poetry, you need to "grab it from the doll". One of the characteristics of teenagers is that they are very sensitive to sound, which enables them to memorize the elegant ancient poems by "listening". Esthetician Zhu Guangqian recalls his learning experience, said: "the five classics, I had read is" the book "" Zuo Zhuan ". "Book of Songs" I have not formally read, people often read in school, I heard many times, can into half. Today I remember the most familiar classics, in addition to the "Analects of Confucius", is picked up a "Book of Songs"." Zhao Yuanren, a linguist, recalls his learning situation during his childhood. He also said, "we all feel more relaxed in reading poetry at night than we did in the daytime. I feel a little bit more fun. I read "Three Hundred Tang Poems". My brother and her sisters also read thousands of poems and other poems. They read the poem, and I didn't read it, and I began to recite it. " They all remember these works by "listening."
Pay attention to the original memory. In the teaching of Chinese traditional Chinese, the amount of recitation is gradually increased. The initial amount of memory is very small, but also require students to do it without thinking can recite it can recite fluently from memory. These contents are deeply rooted in the memory of the students and become the basis for reciting related contents later. Educators, psychologists have been studied, such as Ushinski said: "the children learned in the study of the earliest image in their memory rooted more deeply, then, after image can more easily and more firmly as they remember, naturally, if in the earliest and after the image of anything." The same is true of the traditional Chinese teaching. Every time, students are asked to recite some sentences in real time. These sentences as "the earliest images" and "rooted in their memory" become the basis for subsequent recitation. One of the characteristics of Chinese traditional language education is here: teachers are very strict with students' initial recitation, they must remember very firmly, these contents are firmly reliable, and later memories will be easy.
From the perspective of this new revised high school curriculum standards, it is more clear that the recitation of ancient poetry is the basis for the long term "easy".

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