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How to connect ribbon with fashion?

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The word "fashion" is the trend of the world, the English word for fashion, almost always hang on the lips of some people, frequently appear in the press media. A lot of people have different understanding of fashion, some people think that fashion is simple and extravagant than frugal fashion; sometimes just to give people with new in order to be different; Wang style feeling take on an altogether new aspect of fashion, and are not synchronized behind many people in reality, referred to as the old earth, the so-called fashion, and is; it is the combination of. The so-called time, is the time, present, that is, in a period of time; Shang, but advocating, noble, high quality, leading. In fact, fashion is not only for decoration, but also evolved into a kind of consciousness of seeking truth, goodness and beauty.

A lot of people have different understanding of fashion, some people think that fashion is simple, and extravagance and waste, not frugal; sometimes only to fashion and fashion are not synchronized new in order to be different; many people in reality referred to as old and outdated; one is relatively standard, because it is relative, so its applicable scope for some people in fashion, for others can not, if the words are understood as absolute standards that cannot explain.

Many fashion people have canvas complex, like canvas life, like a simple, free and casual attitude towards life. With the increasing pressure of white-collar workers in the city, the symbol of freedom from bondage, enjoy the freedom of canvas life, more people like.
Fashion trends

Is a period of popular atmosphere and social environment, fashion leading the trend, is the manifestation of popular culture. Fashion can refer to anything in life, such as fashion hairstyles, fashion figures, fashion life, fashion brands, fashion clothes, etc.. The popular culture advocated by the social environment in a period of time is characterized by youth, individuality, variety and public recognition and imitation.

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