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Popularity is just a figurative metaphor. It shows the spread of culture and habit. As the name suggests, this is what is called "pop", and there is a source. For example, some have not yet accepted by mainstream society and things, through some special ways caused some ethnic groups, class, or attention of influential individuals, then most people begin to pay attention to it and use it to understand it, so popular is a very general term which can change our habits. The civilization and culture of mankind is the process of emergence, popularity, development and popularization.

There are two kinds of people we can see in this world: one is to drive and change the popular people; two, always eat ashes behind.

Most of the so-called fashion people, that is always a popular concept content composed of fashion, fashion, consumption culture, leisure culture, luxury culture, material culture, popular life style, popular taste, urban culture, culture, mass culture and mass culture such as the concept of rich and complex. This general concept is a cultural. that is widely spread among people of different levels, classes and classes in a certain region and in a certain period, according to a certain rhythm.

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