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What is creativity, it has a different understanding. It is generally believed that creativity refers to the ability or characteristics of individuals to produce new, unique and socially valuable products, so they are also called creativity. Novelty is unique, which means that we can do something that has never been done before, and social value means that the result of creation or product has practical value or academic value, moral value, aesthetic value and so on.

Creativity has two forms: one is the invention, two is found. The invention is to create new things, for example, Watt invented the steam engine, Luban invented the saw. The discovery is to find things and laws that have existed but have not yet been known, such as Mendeleev's discovery of the periodic law of elements, Marx's discovery of the law of surplus value, etc.. 
Understand the concept of creativity to grasp the following points:
Creativity is a kind of ability different from intelligence. The content of creativity test is not the content of intelligence test. It is the ability that intelligence test can not measure;
Creativity refers to the ability in various creative activities, including scientific creation, technological creation and artistic creation, as well as creative activities in other aspects;

 originality is unique and unprecedented; it is the fundamental feature of creativity; and the creation of products (including material and spiritual) has social or personal values.

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