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Natural colored Burlap Ribbon

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Pretty colored burlap ribbon for decoration.

Burlap ribbon is usually used for country decoration before. Now many person go after nature and vintage thing,so burlap ribbon has become a very hot trend in gift packing,wedding decoration also as well as wedding decoration.

Burlap ribbon is not only nature color,it also can be dyed in different kinds of colors.Like christmas red,vintage pink,light yellow and so on.Colored burlap ribbons are very popular in decoration.

Colored burlap ribbon

Burlap ribbon makes great looking in making a bow for a wreath or wrap the it around gift box,candle or flowerand so much more. The jute ribbon provide a good material for a variety of decorative projects! One of our customers just place a red burlap ribbon for christmas decoration.They buy the burlap ribbon and put their string lights into the burlap ribbon.You just need to put is on the christmas tree or any place you want to decorate and open the light.

If you like the DIY yourself,burlap ribbon is also a good material for DIY.

Let the colored burlap ribbon make your life pretty.

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