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Satin ribbon and Chinese bridge

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Satin Ribbon is extremely versatile, providing a luxurious finishing touch to; Gift wrapping, Window displays, Craftwork, Dressmaking, Needlework, Wedding invitations, Décor, Bows, Children’s soft toys, Hair & fashion accessories, Cake making, Flower arranging, Soft furnishing, Diaries, and Wedding displays.


satin ribbon


• Length:   All reels contain 100yards of ribbon (91.4meters)

• Widths:   Available in; 2mm-100mm

• Colour options:   We have more than 20 wonderful styles to choose from

• Condition:  Brand new and unused

• Dispatch:  Orders placed are dispatched after 1 day



China boasts a long history in bridge construction.With wood and stone as the major building materials,Chinese ancient bridges vary in forms and are highly distinct.

Constructed in the Sui Dynasty,Anji Bridge,which is located in Zhao County,Hebei Province,is the oldest existing bridge in China.

Anji bridge ,also named Zhaozhou Bridge,is a key national protected cultural relic measuring a length of 50.82 meters and a width of 9 meters.In the late years of  the Qing Dynasty,Huanghe Iron Bridge in Lanzhou was completed,symbolizing that China’s bridge construction stepped into an era of adopting steel and concrete as the main materials for bridges.

Now,bearing many world records,China stands among world giants in bridge construction.

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