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Baby ribbon:The origin of fashion

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dyribbon offer you baby ribbon and we share the news of fashion.

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Generally speaking, fashion art originated in the west. fashion  art in the second half of the twentieth Century, originated in the "stars", and even earlier "anonymous painting", they form used by modernism painting language expression of the artist for the reality of cooperation.

In 70s, a group of young people began to explore fashion  art, this group of people is not the art of professional training, with the reform and opening up, after a number of normal education and professional training of young people began to participate in the fashion art creation, the fusion of the West and the thinking skills of their own combination, mostly Kohler, keibun realistic things, the middle of 80s, interest in an art for art creation thought, 89 years is a large collection of fashion  art. The exhibition was the first time that fashion art entered the official wilderness, but the exhibition was very bad. There were obvious barriers between fashion artists and audiences, and there were some setbacks in the exhibition. After the exhibition, fashion artists and audiences continue to distance themselves, and fashion artists are in depression for a while.

92 years ago, Chinese fashion artists began to receive some large-scale exhibitions, such as the Venice international exhibition, the 22 Lyon Biennale, and the 22 St Paul biennale. Since then, China fashion  artists attention in all aspects, gaining more and more prestige in the world, but in China, they are ignored by people, so that people do not ask "is created is to sell to foreigners, so 97 - 99 years, they began to be criticized. In order to adapt to the situation, avant-garde artists consciously in public occasions, such as "store", "bar" to show their works, but this exhibition, does it mean that you have open avant-garde art. Last year, a furniture store in Shanghai, showing some of the avant-garde artists made easy, fun to understand what is the slogan of "escape from the deep, to explore the beauty of life", but to do so, whether there is public art of?

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