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Renaissance department store flagship store in Rome, each floor has a different product, by different designers and firms to build.
Negative layer: the water channel, display area, coffee shop, design supermarket, family series, travel supplies, customer service, shopping refund lounge, designed by 1+1=1 architects and Claudio Silvestrin e Giuliana Salmaso joint design
One layer: jewelry, watches, sunglasses, ladies fashion accessories, designed by Vincent Van Duysen
The two layer: beauty products, ladies underwear, designed by Vincent Van Duysen
The three floor: Men's wear and accessories, shoes, men's denim series, designed by Universal Design Studio
Four layer: Men's formal and leisure series, men's underwear, sports shoes series, by RetailDesign / Paolo Lucchetta joint design
The five floor: Women's luxury clothing, designer shoes series, designed by India Mahdavi
The six layer: Women's casual wear, Ladies Accessories, ladies jeans series, sports shoes series, designed by CLS Architetti
Seven story and eight story: Gourmet hall, restaurant, food market, coffee shop, bar, viewing terrace, designed by Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands

In the seven layer (Italy six) the viewing terrace, overlooking the beautiful scenery of Rome, because none of the nearby buildings of the Renaissance department store flagship store in Rome is high, so you can enjoy the landscape architecture and the iconic Papal Basilica of Saint Peter, St. forest temple, andler Borghese villa, Rome presidential Quirinale, Mario hill Rome.

In the hall and delicacy Michelin star chef Riccardo Di Giacinto MadeI Terraneo provides a new restaurant, with fresh ingredients and Mediterranean cuisine. Enjoy a healthy diet diners can enjoy the delicacy, organic, low calorie salad and fruit beverage.
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