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Burlap and ribbons,what is trending today

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Burlap and ribbons,what is trending today

25mm/38mm of Burlap and ribbons


Product description:  This high quality Burlap and ribbons is extremely versatile, providing a luxurious finishing touch to; Gift wrapping, Window displays, Craftwork, Dressmaking, Needlework, Wedding invitations, Décor, Bows, Children’s soft toys, Hair & fashion accessories, Cake making, Flower arranging, Soft furnishing, Diaries, and Wedding displays.

The day before, the association to cool on the company and the relevant responsible persons issued an open letter for cool bike company and the relevant responsible persons take the initiative to contact the relevant departments, detailed description of consumers' prepaid deposit, depository of funds, occupation, with investigation of the relevant departments to deal with the aftermath of the law. The responsibility of enterprises and individuals should be in accordance with the law; now over the past few days, cool ride is still no response, the company in the end go?

From the "cool ride" a month ago the Beijing headquarters "sealed", and then to so long "no audio", it is really a "run away". As a company sharing public interests, "run" is "running", which has completely deviated from the service commitments at that time, and has seriously deviated from the basic responsibility of the market players. Allegedly, the shared bicycle company received a total of more than a few users deposit billion yuan, while up to hundreds of millions of deposit may be the largest users "lost it all", such a significant loss on the market and the integrity of the wound will be immeasurable.
The nature of the incident is extremely bad, a heart wall is the vast number of consumers is facing rights difficult, difficult for the deposit. The company "disappeared", the rights object is not found, consumers can not directly back to the field of deposit; if the recovery, and high cost, more can not find the "person"; asked relevant organizations filed public interest litigation, there is no clear "agent", which is a unit of organization and responsibility, also is to let people feel; how to qualitative this event, it belongs to the civil contract dispute or criminal fraud? The organs concerned have not been identified so far. Even if there is representative of consumer rights in case sound, proposed to handle complaints, resolutely safeguard the interests of consumers, will be "cool ride" as the "black list", however, as long as not "cool ride", may be responsible for people don't know what to Java country, even in what the association and the "black list"?
In my opinion, this event not only gives consumers a wake up in the consumption and sharing of the bike, but also a reminder to the government departments concerned. At present, the lack of market rules and laws and regulations is behind the lack of supervision for new things such as sharing a single car. Many hidden dangers and problems appear, representative of the main: a huge number of bike sharing deposit regulation, financial income and expenditure account details of market regulation, risk assessment and early warning in the process of operation, major market risk after the bankruptcy or liquidation of the intervention, and the maintenance of the basic rights of consumers appeared a major problem after the methods and approaches, these should examine the current issues as soon as possible, as soon as possible "plug the loopholes in the system" to improve all aspects of the details.
In a word, "cool riding" is on the surface of the company's business difficulties and fierce market competition, but in essence, it is caused by the disordered market and system. But more worrying is, "cool ride" run away may not be shared bicycle market "first", not "last", in a shared bicycle market development and expansion at the same time, some service level is low, the internal management level is low and the source of funds shortage of companies will be eliminated once. They have the opportunity is likely to step into the "cool ride". In view of the fact that the relevant parties should take precautionary measures, we should regard "cool riding" as a "specimen" and provide a model for future similar events.

On the one hand, we should handle the events as well as possible, based on the current system and laws and regulations. First of all, we study the current laws and regulations and the current market norms, and find the best ways and ways to solve the relative problems of "cool riding". To maintain rights for consumers, is it a substitute for a department or a "agent" or a consumer based individual? The dispute should be settled as soon as possible; is it a criminal or administrative measure? What kind of nature and circumstances should the government department or the judiciary be actively involved? It includes the exploration and practice of how to strengthen the supervision of the "deposit" of the shared bicycle company, the "recovery" and "recourse" of the illegal misappropriation of the deposit. We should take "cool riding" as an opportunity to perfect the system and increase the precautions against adverse events. We should anatomically "cool ride" running events. This sparrow will promote the maturity of the market and rules, and guide the disposition and treatment of similar behaviors in the future. On the other hand, we should supplement and improve the system and laws and regulations, and block the company's running loopholes with the new system, new rules and new laws and regulations, and eliminate the regulatory blind spots.

25mm/38mm of Burlap and ribbons,contact us today.

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