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Weaving (spindle)

After the yarn is formed by the meridian tube and the weft winding, the weft pipe is inserted on the fixed tooth seat of the knitting machine, and the weft pipe moves along the 8 shape track, so that the yarn is weaved and weaved mutually. Usually, the number of spindles is even, the woven belt is tubular, the number of spindles is odd, and the woven webbing is flat. The old China began weaving ingot ingot for different applications, the number of equipment, generally 9 to 100 spindles ranging from the basic process for dyeing and weaving weft weaving machine - roll - down cut open - packaging. The beginning of 1960, many innovations on the weaving machine, mainly has the peach plate diameter enlarged, the installation of automatic parking device of broken rubber, iron ingot to nylon spindle. The improvements in these equipment have increased the speed to 160~190 rpm, the stand rate has doubled, and the quality of the products has been greatly improved.
Weaving not only webbing, but also weaving rope. Tubular belt is a kind of braided rope, diameter of 1~4 mm rope or rope, diameter greater than 4 mm also known as rope, diameter greater than 40 mm is generally referred to as cable or cable. In 1989, the introduction of Japan's industry eight shares of cable production line equipment, in the following year to produce eight polypropylene rope, the product won the national silver medal.
In 70s, warp knitting, weft knitting technology has been widely used in weaving. In 1973, a successful trial knitted nylon elastic band. In 1982, it began to introduce Italy crochet machine, advanced technology, wide variety of production, especially adapted to thin decorative fabrics, such as edge, elastic band, window screening, decorative belt and so on. The basic process is: dyeing - winding - weaving - ironing - packaging.

Before 70s, the fire hose blanks were weaved with flat looms. The size of the tube bore was large and the output was low. The second half of 1974, the industry organization tube weaving development team, according to the principle of knitted, woven with warp and weft, relying on knitting yarn in knitting process, the use of knitting yarn and settlement of arc column, will not warp interwoven into a whole and weft link as warp weft insertion tubular knitted fabric. The production technology of plastic products and high-pressure fire hose outlet pipe of the highest in the country.

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