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Symbol of wealth

The charm of brands is rich and luxurious. Luxury (Luxury) comes from the Latin word "Lux". So, luxury should be flash, bright, and enjoyable. Luxury conveys this through its brand visual identity system. From a sociological point of view, luxury goods are the goods of the nobility. It has the status, the status, the high privilege. It represents the image of the aristocracy. Today, despite the democratization of society, people's "wealth outlook" has not changed, luxury brands just meet the people's instinctive needs. 

In the eyes of Western consumers, Britain's "Rolls-Royce" car has a symbol of noble cars. The phantom in super long "launched in 1925" (Phanton) was selected as the queen of England and as a special reception of foreign heads of State Road car. Since 1875 for the British supply Cuban cigar "Romeo" brand, then create a prime minister Churchill favorite cigar length (7.48) "Churchill" (Churchill) model, so far have long been known to the world. So, to be sure, "riches and honour" is the core value of luxury brands.

Highlight the aesthetic feeling

Luxury must be the most beautiful commodity. No matter how many people have aesthetic awareness, but only one kind of luxury, that is "see, praise."". Luxury brands must serve "the most advanced"". This "superlative" must be reflected from appearance to quality. The luxury of luxury should be visible. It is because people on the beautiful luxury greatly it can bring glory to the master. Therefore, luxury goods should provide more "visible value" - to make people look good. People who buy luxury goods are not pursuing practical value, but seeking the best feeling of the whole human race. 
"Vacheron Constantin" watches like this; "Dior" fashion is also like this. The "Cartire" jewelry born in Paris in 1847 represents not only class, wealth, nobility and taste, but also the eternal symbol of beauty. Italy "Bvlgari" brand jewelry, the beginning followed the French style of rigorous, but in essence the 1934 fusion classical Greece and Rome, and joined the Italy Renaissance and the nineteenth Century Rome goldsmith school form, gradually demonstrate its own unique classic luxury. So, the product without aesthetic enjoyment is not luxury. 
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