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Where could you buy christmas ribbon?


Talk about the difference between mainstream trend, only say that the non mainstream is that people can not agree, compelling exaggerated, often used to describe the image, most essential difference lay people do not know the mainstream and trend on, and strictly speaking, insiders will find the word in fact, itself is very unprofessional, generally is the layman said, the real fashion buyer, fashion magazine editor, planning, fashion designer and fashion related professionals did not mention the words, there is very few. And for what is now the mainstream, on behalf of the domestic non mainstream is to kill Matt, hairstyles, exaggerated makeup, very eye-catching, cannot be defined as fashion. For example in the face of other tattoos, exaggerated to everyone will pay attention to the hair, exaggerated makeup, even with a riotous with colour hair, a large nose nail, lip nail and other normal people think it is hardcore dress image, can be defined as non mainstream. The difference between the non mainstream and the trend is very clear, although the trend of novel, avant-garde, but absolutely different from the non mainstream, the trend is a kind of fashion, but the mainstream is neither old nor fashion.

This meaning is synonymous with trendsetter. Maybe some people just understand the first part, of course, the first half is easier than the latter part, and the people who understand and reflect the latter part are few.
There are too many people regard the trendsetter as pseudo non mainstream, this is a big misunderstanding. First of all, we should first understand that the real non mainstream is a kind of art, and similar to the non mainstream, it is called pseudo non mainstream. Is often the mainstream fashion trendsetter and their opinions together showed a unique "type" to express themselves with unique, elegant dress collocation, mostly with SLR camera pictures. The Chinese "non mainstream" copycat brands and mostly rely on general PS technology to achieve the performance of self purpose, dress collocation often coming, most of the use of mobile phone customers.
Hair fashion, fashion, lifestyle, fashion brand, fashion is often a trendsetter sign.
The brain also wrong explanation trendsetter. The extension of mind, tide, tide and so on.
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