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Where can you buy cotton ribbon?

The ribbon is used widely, processing equipment of ribbon also requires a high degree of automation, requirement of exquisite, shear ribbon is the use of traditional cold shear, hot shear principle, shear effect of burr, fraying, uneven incision or appear yellow hair, the coke. In order to improve this situation, the use of ultrasonic principle cutting ribbon, can realize automatic cutting, ultrasonic sealing, no yellow, coke, to achieve the desired effect. The main equipment of ribbon cutting is: automatic ribbon cutting machine, automatic ribbon punching shear machine, semi-automatic ribbon shearing machine, are the use of ultrasonic principle to complete the cutting of the ribbon.

Cutting of webbing
There are two ways to cut the webbing: one is manual cutting, and the other is machine shearing.
Manual cutting or cutting knife generally adopts the heating wire heating method, the two kinds of cutting process equipment investment is low, but the labor cost is high, the heating wire cutting will produce a lot of smoke; and in the ribbon cutting surface will leave a scorch mark. Although there is no smoke and guillotine cut burn marks. But can not effectively seal will appear loose mouth (i.e. fringe phenomenon).

Cutting with automatic belt cutting machine: belt cutting machine, hot belt cutting machine, cold cutting belt machine and ultrasonic belt cutter.

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