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Time flies, and we will come to 2018. Here, I would like to extend new year's greetings and wish all the friends of all countries and regions in the world all the best.

God helps those who help themselves. In 2017, we held the nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, which opened the new journey of building a socialist modernized country in an all-round way. The gross domestic product of China has increased by 80 trillion yuan, and the number of new urban and rural employment has increased by about 13000000. The social endowment insurance has covered more than 900 million people. The basic medical insurance has covered 1 billion 350 million people, and about 10000000 of the rural poor have been lifted out of poverty. "It will be nice to have thousands, world famous Great Jubilee land!" 3 million 400 thousand the poverty-stricken population realized the relocation of poverty alleviation and a warm new home, and 6 million sets of target tasks were completed in advance. The people's livelihood has accelerated the development of the people's livelihood, and the ecological environment has gradually improved. The people have more sense of gain, happiness and security. We have taken a big step towards achieving the goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way.

The innovation of science and technology, construction of major projects Triumphant news keeps pouring in. "Eye" satellite in space travel, C919 large passenger aircraft flying into the blue sky, the successful development of quantum computer, water rice yield monitor, the first domestic aircraft carrier launched the "Sea Wing" deep sea glider completed deep-sea observation, the first successful test of combustible ice waters, Yangshan four automated terminal officially opened in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao bridge main project all through the Renaissance, No. Benz in the vast land of the motherland...... I burst out to China people create great power of applause!

We held in the soldiers on the battlefield and joint training base Zhu Chinese, to commemorate the people's Liberation Army 90th anniversary. When Hongkong returned to the motherland at 20th anniversary, I went to Hongkong. I saw with my own eyes that there was strong support for the motherland. Hongkong maintained long-term prosperity and stability, and tomorrow will be better. We also held a memorial ceremony and the outbreak of the war the whole nation 80th anniversary National victims of the Nanjing massacre memorial ceremony to remember history, pray for peace.
We organized several multilateral diplomatic activities in China, including the first "The Belt and Road International Cooperation Forum, the BRICs leaders meeting in Xiamen, China Communist Party and political parties in the world high-level dialogue meeting. I also participated in some important multilateral conferences in the world. At the beginning of this year, I attended the annual meeting of the world economic forum in Davos, and made a speech at the UN headquarters in Geneva, and later attended the twenty G20 and APEC informal leadership meeting. On these occasions, I have an in-depth exchange of views with all parties concerned. We all agree to jointly promote the construction of the community of human destiny so as to bring benefits to all the peoples of the world.
In 2017, I received many letters from the masses, including Tibet Lhunze County Township Biyu villagers, Inner Mongolia Suniteyou banner Wulanmuqi team, the old professor of Xi'an Jiaotong University moved to the west, as well as Nankai University newly recruited college students, they let me feel deeply moved by the story. The masses of the people adhere to the patriotic dedication, no regrets, let me feel the greatest of thousands of ordinary people, and at the same time let me feel the happiness is the struggle out.
2018 is the beginning of the full implementation of the nineteen spirit of the Communist Party of China. The nineteen National Congress of the Communist Party of China has depicted the beautiful blueprint of China's development for the next 30 years. Nine floors of the platform, starting from the earth. To put the blueprint into reality, must not Chi at the fantasy, not greedy in the virtual sound, step by step, get down to do a good job.
In 2018, we will usher in reform and opening up 40th anniversary. Reform and opening up is the only way for the development and progress of contemporary China, and the only way to realize the Chinese dream. We want to celebrate the 40th anniversary reform and opening as an opportunity to cut paths through mountains water bridge, the reform carried out in the end.
It is our solemn commitment to realize the poverty alleviation of the rural poor under the current standard of China by 2020. A promise is weightier than one thousand bars of gold。 By the year of 2020, only 3 years, the whole society should act, make a battle, implement the strategy accurately, and win the new victory. 3 years later, we will win the battle of poverty alleviation on schedule. This will be the first time to eliminate the absolute poverty phenomenon in the thousands of years of development of the Chinese nation. Let's work together to accomplish this great cause for the Chinese nation and the whole mankind.
At present, all sides have both expectations and concerns about the prospects for human peace and development, and expect China to show its position and attitude. All under heaven are of one family。 China, as a responsible big country, has something to say. Chinese firmly safeguard the authority of the United Nations and the status, and actively fulfill its international obligations and responsibility, abide by the commitment to cope with global climate change, and actively promote the construction of "The Belt and Road, maintain world peace and always do the builders and contributors to the development of the global and international order. The Chinese people are willing to work together with the people of all countries to open up a better future for the more prosperous and more peaceful of mankind.
Our great development achievements are created by the people and should be shared by the people. I know that people are most concerned about education, employment, income, social security, health care, pension, housing, environment and so on. You have gained a lot, and there are many worries and worries. There are still many undesirable aspects of our people's livelihood work. This requires us to enhance our sense of mission and responsibility and really do things that benefit the people. Party committees, governments and cadres at all levels should put their safety and well-being in mind, so as to benefit the people as the biggest achievement, and to think the masses as they want.

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