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Green satin ribbon,what is trending today

In a recent speech, economist Li Daokui talked about the ageing of China's population. He said that the old man should maintain himself and not make a burden to the young.

Many people say that Li Daokui is nothing, the elderly, he could not understand how, how is the square dance disturbing social order, more scholars, the old man robbed, what to do in the full vigour of life of workers?
In my opinion, these criticisms are of little value. Li Daokui's words seemed to be difficult, but what he said was right. The old people are self-employed, which is the way to save themselves from the aging country. The people who criticize the elderly "grab the job" and "take the seat" do not realize that the job opportunities are not fixed. The employment of the elderly does not reduce the job opportunities, but on the contrary is to create employment opportunities.
In the market economy, the people involved in the work are serving each other to meet the needs of each other, the more the number of people, the more work opportunities. Small villages and towns have limited population and few employment opportunities; a large city of millions of people can create almost unlimited employment. From this point of view, there is no essential difference between the old and the young as long as the old are engaged in the work they can do.
The old people take part in their work not only to seize opportunities with young people, but also to do many jobs that young people can't do, or to do better than young people. It also creates value and gains income. Moreover, because the elderly take part in the work, they also form a demand for the whole society, thus creating new jobs. One is not only a pension, but a group of elderly people who have daily income and consumption ability. The employment driven by them is obviously far more than that of the poor and poor old people. The employment opportunities in the whole society are actually increasing. Create demand by supply, this is the economics of "say's law", not only for young people, as well as for the elderly.
In fact, most of the elderly do not go to work. They are generally at home, taking part in housework, raising children, and helping to lighten the burden of young people. Young people have more energy to work and create wealth, and there are also the contributions of the elderly. By participating in the family division of labor, the elderly help to improve their families and also get respect.
Moreover, as China gradually enters the aging society, the advantage of the demographic dividend has gradually weakened or disappeared, and the delay of retirement is the trend of the times. "13th Five-Year" plan recommended the introduction of progressive retirement age policy. According to the agency's plan, a delayed retirement plan will be introduced in 2017, and the delay of retirement will be formally implemented in 2022. At present, encourage the elderly people, not only is the basic law of the aging society, also undertake the delayed retirement gap period.
In a country with serious aging, the elderly participate in the work, not only self-help self-help, but also time hardships to ease the social crisis. In Japan, because the number of young people is very small, many service industries are done by the elderly. Japanese "old man taxi" "old man grocery shop" is very common, and even become a feature. This will not only make money, but also provide services to others and relieve the economic pressure.
"To live to old age" and "to play the role of surplus heat" is usually a positive encouragement for old age, but in the aging society, it has a very real significance. As Li Daokui said, by 2050, 30% of the population in China was over 65 years old. There was only one person in the 1/4 family, lonely old man and old man. The reality is very grim. It is necessary for the elderly to guide the health of the health to establish the belief of "long-term work" and to alleviate the economic crisis.

Of course, it is not to force old people to be able to work for the elderly. I am in favor of Li Daokui's claim to revive such a culture from everyday life. It is of course also very important for the old people to exercise their bodies, not only to be happy, not only to be happy, but also to give a burden to their family and society.

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