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In December 27th, the Chinese train's universal speed train (green car) and its owners and operators were the first to sit in the dock. In Beijing to Tianjin train K1301, prospective students Li Nan (a pseudonym) smell the smoke smell, the operator of Harbin Railway Bureau to court, the defendant requested compensation for the purchase of 102.5 yuan, cancellation of the platform and the train in the smoking area, smoking prohibition in the demolition, the smoking area, and compensation for mental damages 1 yuan.
The case was heard on the day of the Beijing railway transport court. The focus of the plaintiff and the defendant's argument lies in whether it is illegal to establish a smoking area at the junction of the car's car and whether it is harmful to health. The plaintiff said the establishment of such a smoking area is not only illegal but also harmful to health. But the defendant argued that it was not illegal and had no evidence to support health damage.
However, the prohibition of smoking in all parts of the green car is not only the direction of the people and the trend, but also the rule of law, and it is in line with the international standards. In May 21, 2003, the World Health Assembly approved the WHO Framework Convention on tobacco control, calling on all countries to carry out the most extensive international cooperation to control the widespread tobacco. China formally signed the Framework Convention on tobacco control in November 10, 2003.
One of the important contents of the WHO Framework Convention on tobacco control in is that each party should take active and effective legislative, administrative and / or other measures in the country, in order to prevent the public in indoor workplaces, public transportation, indoor public places, as appropriate, including other public exposure to tobacco smoke. Since the accession to the Framework Convention on tobacco control has to be carried out.

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