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How to dye the plain ribbon?

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For the plain ribbon,we have total 196 colors in stock.Do you know how to dye the ribbon? Now i want to share the process of dyed silk ribbon for you reference.
There have two main ways to dye the color of ribbon:Conventional dyeing. The ribbon is putted into the chemical dyes. This way is widely used in the factory. The other method is using painting, this painting is made of tiny insoluble colored particles to adhere to the fabric (not including fiber raw material dyeing ).
The characteristic of polyester and nylon

1. Polyester :dense - hot melt dyeing, high temperature and high pressure dyeing - selected dyes - disperse dyes - temperature - (hot melt dyeing) 190 centigrade degree - (High temperature and high pressure dyeing) 130 centigrade degree 

2. Nylon: reactive functional- steaming process - selected dyes - (weak) acid dyes - temperature - 100 centigrade degree 

The process of dyeing

1. Polyester fiber: Washing and drying first,and then put the ribbon into color machine,dyeing by infrared and then dye high temperature,washing and dyeing again,then the ribbon is colored now. 

2. Nylon fiber:put the ribbon into the color machine,use the steam from hot steam,and then washing and drying,then the ribbon is colored now

The function of washing: remove the reaction of uncomplete dyeing molecules, to ensure the good color fastness for plain ribbon.

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