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Pre-tied ribbon bows,what is trending today

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Pre-tied ribbon bows,what is trending today

This high quality Pre-tied ribbon bows is extremely versatile, providing a luxurious finishing touch to; Gift wrapping, Window displays, Craftwork, Dressmaking, Needlework, Wedding invitations, Décor, Bows, Children’s soft toys, Hair & fashion accessories, Cake making, Flower arranging, Soft furnishing, Diaries, and Wedding displays.

In December 9th, Ssha F Ai Faith announced that from the SSE "Enquiry" and the Zhejiang securities regulatory bureau "regulatory concern letter", to require the company to explain related advertising compliance and assess their suitability, adequacy of the relevant risks and other matters; Zhejiang Regulatory Bureau asked Ssha F Ai Faith to explain the bribery matters, the company and are required to fulfill the information disclosure obligations. The author thinks that listed companies should disclose real information to investors and consumers. Excessive exaggerated advertising is not desirable, and the issuing department should strictly control the excessive marketing of low-level enterprises listed.

The effect of advertising and Shapuaisi eye drops have been questioned by the media, only the early senile cataract may use the drug, but the more ad contains lines "cure cataract, to choose the right medicine, good medicine, choose Shapuaisi, misleading patients reported complications, delayed surgical treatment the situation. Ssha F Ai Faith in the R & D investment and advertising investment disparity contrast is more noticeable, for example, the report shows that in 2016, the new project the current investment of millions of dollars, and the advertising fee is as high as 262 million yuan, accounting for advertising company drops product revenue 34.75%, product revenue mainly rely on advertising to call.
By exaggerating or false advertising, listed companies can bring short-term profits and market share to enterprises, but excessive reliance on marketing means it is difficult to go far. Innovation is the future development of the nature of the enterprise, the core value of listed companies, but also lies in its research and innovation capacity, is to provide valuable products for consumers, the only way to live long.
The listed company should treat the investors sincerely and can not hide, mislead and cheat. Due to misleading of false advertising, the drug is not symptomatic and even delayed formal treatment, which not only hurts the interests of consumers, but also damages the image of the company.
According to the Chinese referee network, Ssha F Ai Faith has been found in many officials' corruption cases. The company staff have bribed the officials of the local science and Technology Bureau for many times. Zhejiang Regulatory Bureau asked Ssha F Ai Faith to explain the bribery matters whether the provisions to fulfill the obligations of the letter phi, I used a few keywords to search for Ssha F Ai Faith 2014, 2015, 2016 annual report, 2017 report, bribery related information is not found, but the search is wrong, then the company may have information disclosure, risk disclosure is not in place, this directly affect the investment decisions of investors and affect their interests.
As for the author's personal feeling, those advertising bloomers have been listed on A shares, perhaps, which is related to some previously released auditing of IPO. Some of these companies and Shapuaisi or similar problems, good advertising firms appear to be more easy to believe, but its performance may be the lack of sustainability.

This year, the new "grand trial Commission" has been set up, and its issuance audit is very unexpected. The current rate is only 60.27%. "Through terminating and rejecting a number of enterprises that do not meet the issuing conditions, they provide more market allocation for outstanding companies that meet the issuing conditions and conform to the national development strategy," said Xuan changneng, Assistant Commissioner of the SFC. The author believes that the issue of the audit should not look at advertising to see the effect, should pay more attention to the core competitiveness, enterprises pay attention to its research and development capabilities, to low level enterprises to strictly control the excessive marketing market, gradually guide more high-tech enterprises listed, these enterprises often hidden in the "deep GUI" is not known to outsiders.

Pre-tied ribbon bows,WELCOME more inquiry.

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