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According to reports, a member of the Nanjing Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) has suggested in the city 's "two meetings" to strengthen middle school students' love outlook education and increase some love related courses.
The view of love is a part of the outlook on life. Middle school is an important period of the formation of the outlook on life. With regard to love, middle school education can not be avoided and can not be avoided. Love and marriage are important components of life outlook. Complete education should not only face love problems, but also guide students to have positive and healthy emotional experience and feel the beauty of human nature.
However, if we take "love class" as a narrow course, and teach with specific teaching materials and fixed class hours, I will oppose it. Because no matter from which point of view, "love" is not necessary to become a middle school subject. Love is not a technology, but no special knowledge. The correct view of love can not be separated from the correct world outlook, the outlook on life and the values. The fundamental task of basic education is moral education. In addition to imparting essential basic knowledge and basic skills, the main task of primary and secondary schools is to shape personality and cultivate moral character. Moral education courses of Ideological and moral is not a subject matter, but the fundamental task of all disciplines. "There is no problem through" regular view of love. Therefore, the essence of education will naturally be able to develop a correct view of love, where does it require a special love lesson?
In recent years, there are some phenomena of excessive administrative intervention and some disorder in the course construction of some primary and secondary schools. Some schools are being generalized. Even the basic attributes of curriculum are not clear, but they are known as opening hundreds of school-based courses. In fact, they violate the rules and increase the burden of teachers and students. The author thinks that the curriculum construction, especially the national curriculum construction, should be included in the category of educational legislation, and the curriculum should be increased and reduced according to law. Reduce administrative intervention and the will of the chief and avoid arbitrariness.
At the same time, not into the classroom Everything will be fine. Education is a systematic project, and there are family and social education in addition to school education. The problem of middle school students' love is not only a school education problem, but also a reflection of social problems and family problems in middle school students. It is a reflection of adult values in children. Education is life, school is also society, education and schools can not be divorced from society. To solve the social problems can not simply from the course of education to revolution deeply, we must effectively be Lide tree on school education in the first place.

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