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This high quality Rainbow ribbons and crafts is extremely versatile, providing a luxurious finishing touch to; Gift wrapping, Window displays, Craftwork, Dressmaking, Needlework, Wedding invitations, Décor, Bows, Children’s soft toys, Hair & fashion accessories, Cake making, Flower arranging, Soft furnishing, Diaries, and Wedding displays.

In January 30th, there are media reports of a mountainous area county primary school, Nanyang city of Henan province Nanzhao four tree Xiang Hua Zhuang village primary school students frostbitten things at school. It seems, around the "ice boy", "consumption" has just settled, "love people" and the number of money pondering. However, this time, wait for action.
Yes, looking at pictures and reports, a slightly compassionate, compassionate person, or a little bit of a human touch, will be heartache. It will cause impulse to do something for these poor children. Before doing anything, however, I had to restrain the impulse and ask questions: are the schools and the children just happening on the day of the report? If not, then, the local government knows not about the schools and the children's conditions. If you do not know, then, why does the media know and the government does not know? And if you know, why do you let kids do nothing at school with frostbite? If the eyelids do not know, or even know but no, or simply blind so, regardless of completely indifferent, the responsibility is to ask these people, no matter, blind and completely indifferent people, their compassion and pity and kindness where to go?
And the problem is that the responsible person, who is troubled with compassion, compassion and human nature, is always a person who is tall and tall after a continuous donation. Isn't it? When "ice boy" red network, the local responsible department to arrange the allocation of donations is not jubilant and completely forgotten their responsibility? When the "ice boy" donations "are not enough", "money is not much rich negative growth" worried? The result as a pretext for dereliction of duty and the result was a lot of people, but also know shame? This will be regarded as poor, poor and also behoove a rich SEER to "negative" telescope is JCDecaux, this conclusion according to what the experience?
No accountability, "the ice boy" no accountability and donations will come into effect, will social demonstration "good things change" process. This process is not so in some places the responsibility sector saw a circle -- the famous shirking offering routine, thus not only the fear of exposure caused by the consequences of dereliction of duty, but also actively cooperate with the media this "picture is truth" is spread. Spreading such a routine from those departments have the responsibility to the children will find a shortcut to frostbite, and shirking the fame and fortune, it is also the responsibility for dereliction of duty and encouraging departments.
No accountability, no donation; no accountability, not arrange for donations, this should be the treatment principle to solve the "ice cold boy" and the child problem. This, not to have the responsibility to solve the problem in place, not to have the responsibility on the existing system, not to have the responsibility and punishment, because of their dereliction of duty then "ice boy" and the "four trees in the village, like this need firewood for heating more than one school, or even not any heating equipment", "love people" will become a bottomless abyss, exhaustion of social care. This is in addition to those who have "consumption" of the people on the edge of hot outside, to improve the "ice cold boy" and the children were not work well.
The reason why this sentence is deeply rooted in the mind is that it is not only about the future of everyone, for every family, but also for the future of the whole society and the country. This consensus, in fact it should be accountable for "ice boy" and the children are located in specific standards and accountability department. Those media reporters who reported this matter may take a look at the local government's office conditions after photographing the situation of the children who have been frozen, and compare the two to see which is poorer or which is more bitter. In this way, the slogan of the high consensus can be put into practice.
First, accountability, and accountability of the donation; first, then arrange the donation, which is beneficial to prevent the child's plight as head and setting fundraising routines, more conducive to the prevention of the responsibility system in the outer system of shirking money.

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