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How to use red and white christmas ribbon for decoration

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This red and white christmas ribbon of warmth and nature-inspired essence aesthetic neutrality, providing a homey essence of holiday and year-round domestic charm. 


From your coffee table to your mantel, place this ribbon anywhere in your home that you see fit! Adorn your kitchens, bathrooms, and table settings! It makes a wonderful filler for vases, baskets, canisters and tin buckets, providing a rustic touch to your decor. 

Lay it flat on tables, counters, and shelves.

Experiment with dressing it up or down, and utilizing year-round! Let occasions inspire an array of presentation avenues. Rustic and country weddings can benefit from the utilization of many of these primitive elements as beautiful centerpieces. Even cut sections of this pick's branches to utilize it even further!

Beads, pearls, sequins, candies, pompoms, figurines, faux snow, photographs, rhinestone accents and more; the filling possibilities are endless! You can even use these as molds for craft projects such as bath bombs! 

Though, feel free to make centerpieces for any day of the year, in this same fashion. Wrap it, entirely, or weave burlap, yarn, felt, tulle, rope garlands, ribbons, silk flowers, and other materials. Let the red and white christmas ribbon, holiday, or season inspire you! 

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