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What is trend connect Gucci with red ribbon fabric?

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When it comes to equestrian sports, tall horses and knights are brave and with enterprising spirit, so that it has a unique charm and equestrian sports with red ribbon fabric has been recognized as a noble sport. But the spirit of equestrian sport is not only the Royal aristocracy, but also those who want to have a profound connotation and spiritual heritage of the brand.

Italy's famous brand Gucci is one of them. Not only started from harness, equestrian equipment as inspirations, makes the equestrian spirit into the brand.

Horses were a major vehicle for people in Italy in the early twentieth Century. In 1937, Gucci launched the first horsebit design (Horsebit), as an expression of the memory of the early twentieth Century equestrian era, popular and achieved great success. The inspiration for the Maxianshan horsebit and stirrup, now design elements of the circular or stirrup has become a classic brand, has penetrated into various Gucci designs.

For example, horsebit jewelry, bracelet, everything from the ring to the necklace earrings, and more than the traditional metal materials, Gucci has also launched enamel styles, making it more delicate and feminine.


Another  brand of this period is the jewelry that decorated by red and green ribbon, which inspired by the horse girth below the saddle for a fixed chain, red and green color from the traditional horse girths of classic color, either Gucci accessories or clothing, which must not the Indispensable part of red ribbon fabric.

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