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Recently, a circle of friends, I sold 5 million of the real estate in Beijing, to my home for two years, the result... The article is a hot discussion. There are two points in this article.
One is to escape the big city. The author sold the real estate in Beijing, returned home with millions of money, and was ready to spend the rest of his life in a natural and unrestrained manner. As a result, the circle of friends in Beijing disappeared, and it was difficult to integrate into the old home. "Playing mahjong every day, talking and quarrelling is like rain." Because he has no big business, as a senior architect, he can only manage Internet cafes, with a monthly salary of 2000 yuan.
The two is to sell houses. At the beginning of 2016, when the author left Beijing, it sold 4 million 950 thousand of the three rooms that had been purchased in the original about 400000. Back on the farm, spend about 400000 in local bought a 120 square meters large sanju. Was shattered reality in search of "Fairy" dreams, to return to Beijing, but found that the house has risen to about 9000000, while the remaining 3 million 500 thousand on hand just enough to pay for a set of more than 70 square meters of small Liangju shoufu.
Behind this happy story, the vertical price difference and the horizontal regional difference are just the representation. Behind it is the proposition of "escaping from the north" or "escaping to the north". From escaping to escaping back, the author is the process of choosing and adapting, and also the process of finding the answer.
Big cities have huge life pressure, but there are also possibilities. They can give people more choices: more job opportunities, bigger development space, higher wages, more convenient transportation network, shopping malls, bars, food, libraries, movies and performances. Small cities are more comfortable, but they are also accompanied by the monotony and limitation of employment, transportation, life, communication, entertainment and so on.
The big city is like a besieged city, the outside people want to go in, the people inside want to come out. In order to pursue the desired life, some people give up all the big cities back to their hometown, but more people are still entering the big cities from all directions. The attraction of a big city has never been reduced by the escape of someone. It is still the first place for young people to fight.
Some people say that the most attractive in a big city may not be a resource or a chance, but it can give you a virtual illusion. In big cities, fast - paced life and high - pressure workplace competition can give people a sense of "I'm working hard for myself." Though, people can achieve their aspirations in different ways wherever they are.
Life is like eating hot pot, to a certain stage, it is necessary to add some other condiments. When life is full, or when the situation is not good, it will make people yearn for "poetry and far away" and make a choice to escape. And when the desire to escape is satisfied, it is likely to usher in greater loneliness and emptiness. I really went back to the small city of my hometown, but it was the hustle and bustle of the big city in the past.
One thousand people have one thousand reasons to flee or leave. For me, the meaning of staying in a big city is not for a better future, more resources, but an experience. One's life is more than a hundred years, and the density of life is more important than the length. And density depends on how many things go through, including beauty, pain, failure, difficulty and torture. In the big city, I can have more experience and enrich the density of life.
In fact, the author's experience in this article is also very valuable. The way to choose one's own life is to be comfortable. Only suitable or not, there is no right and wrong. As long as you have the opportunity to choose your own way of life, and put it into practice, it is a lucky life to be aware of the life you are experiencing. Wherever you are, dreams need to be achieved through hard work.
For us today, whether it is the choice of "escape North Canton" or "fled North Canton, or remained in place for the purposes of their own, now believe that here is the best, perhaps to take things as they come. After all, you can escape the city or the country, but can not escape the life.

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