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Ribbon for sale and the Great Wall

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We offer ribbon for sale,dyribbon(Daiyuan ribbon)Now,comes 20 years founding time.

gold edge satin ribbon_副本

In the coming days,we consitantly offer you the top quality ribbon that meet the international market.From 2mm to 100mm solid color ribbon,with millions stocks that other company could not compete.

If order today,we would ship within 1 days if stocks.


The Great wall,with a history of more than 2000 years,was regarded as a wonder of China.

From a bird’s-eye view,it is just like a dragon winding itself from west to east,stretching for approximately 6700 kilometers.Since spring and autumn period and the warring states period,the walls had been put up to defend the borders by the kingdoms.After founding of the Qin dynasty,Qin shi huang had all the walls joined together to make “the great wall”. While most of the walls were ruined in wars,the majority of the great wall we see today was mainly built during Ming Dynasty.The great wall,originally built to resist the invasion from the north,now has become a well-known place of interest,attracting tourists from all over the world.As a saying goes,”He who has never been to the great wall is not a true man”,which is evidence if its grandeur.

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