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The yellow ribbon is used for many symbolic purposes. It is often worn on one's person or tied around a tree.

How did the yellow ribbon become such a powerful tool for uniting communities?


Like the above one,this kind of ribbon refers to awareness ribbon,Which means remembering or waiting for someone special.

The yellow ribbon is displayed  in America these days. We see them tied around trees, on bumper stickers and before our eyes in all sorts of places. The yellow ribbons began appearing in large numbers after the Gulf War when we began sending large numbers of troops overseas to the Middle East.

What is the history behind the display of ribbons? For a long time ribbons have been kept as a symbol of remembrance of men and women who served in places far from home. They have been kept especially by wives, mothers and sisters in times of war in memory of their soldier boys abroad. They are powerful symbols of the ties that bind. Many military medals have ribbons attached to them.

Ribbons hold a very essential place in the hearts and in the culture of the people. Young lady in former times tie ribbons in their hair, the hair become a symbol of spiritual covering. They would wear a ribbon in a pledge of faithfulness to the one they love. In this they would be telling the world that they are remembering someone. The young lady was set apart and not available for courtship. They are remembering or waiting for someone special. 

What is your story about yellow ribbon?

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